dinsdag 30 november 2010

The cow once more

My faithfull cow went to the beach once more, this time in the company of a very special lady, my mum. It is the same picture I used for mum & dad in the challenge. I have added stuff that was typical of her. She was fun loving and did weird things and the car really went into the water at one point. So a rather personal picture. Enjoy!

I want to thank a dear friend of mine, Bunneh, for giving me the inspiration for this picture.

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Penny Farthing a voyage

This pic started out as a tribute to the penny farthing. Alas, it ended as a nightmare. Quite a jump I'd say.

It all started because the gentleman started dedicating more and more time with his penny farthing. Soon after he joined some club. This club, or rather a society, is only wispered about and there is no proof to be found it ever really exsisted or who the members were. Rumours teach us that only certain gentlemen could join and that there was some dark, sinister initiation ritual. But again, nothing is sure. Only rumours.

His wife was soon tired of this all and pressed her man to give her more attention. Did he listen? As the picture tells you, he did not. The lady, tired of begging for attention from her husband, drove out with her trusted aunt to the 'wise woman' who lived a few miles out of town. There she bought a spell. Shortly after she started to grow roses. The rest of the story is rather gruesome and maybe will be told some other time. For now it is left to your own imagination what the spell evoked. Enjoy.

vrijdag 19 november 2010

The cow and the blanket

When I was a little girl, way way way back, my aunt used to tell me a bedtime story about a cow. This cow lived in a paddock just as other cows but This cow was not an ordinary cow. She liked to paint her toenails and longed to go to the salon to get her hair done.

One day she decided she had to get a warm, nice soft blanket. She wanted a pink one. (it might be a coincidence, but at the time that story was told to me, I had pink blankets!). Anyway, one day the cow walked to town and marvelled about all the nice things you could buy there. She even decided to go to a lunchroom to get a nice glas of 'chocomelk'. It might be again a total coincidence that I drank gallons of that stuff when I was a kid.

So, the cow got her nice, soft, pink blanky in the end and this story, when I think about it, still makes me smile and takes me back to those nights with my aunt. It inspired me to make the pictures below. Enjoy.

As you can see the cows are protected so the internet wont be invaded by my cows. If you feel you just have to have a picture, contact and me please and maybe you can convince me to remove the ugly layer.

donderdag 18 november 2010


FTP - First to Post. And thats me! All in honor of the banner I made and placed today. Im very happy with the result and I keep staring at it tbh. Anyways onwards to more pictures and maybe even some text.